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Miramichi Police Force

Specialised Units


The Tactical High Risk Entry and Arrest Team is a specialized unit within the Miramichi Police Force consisting of 8 officers from both the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions.

THREATwas formed in 2009 with its reason for inception being to train a team of Officers in tactics to be utilized in higher risk situations to aid in reducing the possibility of dangerous/lethal encounters for both Officers and Civilians with emphasis placed on Less Lethal applications.

The Team`s uses are for, but not limited to, the execution of high risk warrants, high risk vehicle take downs, Canine Deployments and any other operational incident deemed necessary.

THREAT is deployed with authorization from the Operations Manager or, in his absence, the MPF Duty Officer.
The Team has a Team Leader, a Hostage Negotiator, a Medic, two qualified Snipers and a range of Specialized Equipment used to assist them in their duties.
Team members are assigned different Areas of Responsibility including among other things, Training, Threat Assessment, Target Reconnaissance, Warrant Writing and Equipment Management.

Crime Reduction Unit (CRU)
The Crime Reduction Unit is a two officer unit mobilized in May of 2014.
The CRU falls under the umbrella of the Criminal Investigations Division.
They are responsi

ble for Drug Enforcement, combating Street Crime and gathering Criminal Intelligence.  They also perform Drug Awareness presentations in local schools.

Since their inception, the CRU have served numerous Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrants and affected many arrests, seizing such drugs as Methamphetamine, Prescription Pills, Cocaine and Marijuana. They also liaise with other law enforcement agencies and CRU units to share information and, if warranted, initiate joint investigations.






Collision Investigation Team
The Miramichi Police Force Collision Investigation Team is called upon to investigate and analyze collisions which involve serious injury or death to one or more parties. In doing so, they draw conclusions regarding the cause and contributing factors to these tragic events. The team consists of specially trained and highly accredited officers who conduct these forensic analyses through the use of modern physics and accepted scientific principles as well as modern technology. These officers provide expert testimony in court to explain their findings and the processes by which their conclusions were drawn. The team also works closely with various government agencies including Transport Canada and the Department of Transportation in developing suggestions for making our highways safer and improving safety aspects of motor vehicle design.

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
The Miramichi Police Force currently has three officers trained in the field of drug recognition. A Drug Recognition Expert is a police officer that is trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than or in addition to alcohol. In order to become a Drug Recognition Expert you are required to complete a two week academic portion, along with a practical session. If successful you then receive certification from the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In order to maintain your certification DRE officers are required to complete a re-certification every two years that involves further academic studies, along with evaluation conducted before a qualified instructor. A drug evaluation consists of 12 standard steps and at the conclusion of the evaluation the DRE officer will be able to form an opinion on whether or not a subject is impaired by one of the seven drug categories based on the symptomology that was present during the evaluation.

Marine Unit – Miramichi Police
The Miramichi Police Force and the Miramichi Fire Department share a 24’ Zodiac. The Marine Unit which is used on a part-time basis, consists of eight (8) trained members including a coordinator. The Marine Unit is used for regular patrols of the Miramichi River in both an enforcement and preventative role.


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