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Firefighter Recruitment

Becoming a Miramichi Firefighter

Would you like to be part of a strong team and promote safety in your community? Are you resistant to stress? Willing to respond on weekends, holidays regardless of the weather? Do you have initiative and the ability to follow instructions easily? Are you able to conduct yourself with sensitivity and empathy when people experience difficult and sometimes dramatic situations? If you answered yes to all these questions, becoming a firefighter could be a great choice for you.

 A Miramichi Firefighter is a skilled position that entails training, fire suppression, rescue, and other related emergency services.  Participating in programs designed for the prevention of fires and the saving of life and property. Additional expectations include rapid, efficient and safely performing various duties under emergency conditions frequently involving considerable hazard. Career member’s responsibilities extend to routine duties in the maintenance of firefighting vehicles, equipment and fire service facilities. While specific orders and directions are provided by our officers in the normal course of duties and mitigation operations, considerable independence of good judgement and action is allowed in circumstances of extreme urgency where referral to our officers for instructions is not possible.

Our Values

As members of the Miramichi Fire Department we have a set of values setting out the attitudes, behaviour and culture which we expect of everyone associated with the Miramichi Fire Department.  They are our cornerstone of who we are about and who we are.  They are not negotiable.

  • HONOUR – Honour guides our actions. We promote openness, inspire others through pride, earn the respect and trust of others with the belief that every action reflects on all members of the department, both past and present.
  • TEAMWORK – We each bring our own skills and experience, yet we recognize that we are better together. We support and depend on each other to achieve our goals.
  • COURAGE – We hold the preservation of life as our sacred duty. Courage is the ability to overcome fear through fortitude, instinct, training and compassion for others. We aspire to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.
  • DEDICATION – A commitment to professionalism and our mission will provide the highest quality services to our community; we consider the needs of others before our own.
  • PREPAREDNESS – Our philosophy is that fire prevention is our primary purpose and our first line of defense to protect the public.

By combining all the components of our core values, maintain a constant state of readiness to meet all challenges both traditional and new.

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