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By-Law 114

By-Law 114

A By-Law Relating to the Collection and Disposal of Waste in the City of Miramichi

The City of Miramichi wishes to advise members of the public that By-Law 114, a By-Law Relating to the Collection and Disposal of Waste in the City of Miramichi took effect on January 10th, 2022. This means changes to the way waste is collected in our community.

The City of Miramichi will only be picking up residential waste in approved 360 litre containers.  If you have not received your residential waste container, please call 506.623.2020 to arrange for pickup or delivery.  360-litre garbage containers will only be issued to the legal owner of the property (not tenants). To obtain the 360-litre garbage container, legal owners will be required to provide the following information:

  • PID number
  • Civic Address
  • Phone Number
  • Full name of property owner

For residents that currently own a 360-litre garbage container, these containers must be approved by the City of Miramichi to ensure that they can be collected by our service provider.  Owners of 360-litre garbage containers will need to provide the following information:

  1. Type and model of current garbage container
  2. Photo of current garbage container (if deemed necessary)

Owners of approved 360-litre garbage containers will be eligible to receive 20 free waste collection stickers that can be affixed to additional bags of garbage or yard waste.  To obtain approval of your 360-litre garbage container, please contact 506.623.2020.  Stickers will be mailed directly to property owner.

Additionally, bags and yard waste will be collected if approved stickers are affixed.  A sticker can be purchased for $2.00 at all four (4) Kingston’s Petro Canada locations in Miramichi.

Q: What if I have large items such as a couch or chair. Can I leave those on the side of the road for collection?
A: Bulky items such as a couch or chair may be placed on the side of the road for collection on the first Monday of every month.
Q: What do I do with old white goods such as stoves, fridges or freezers? Can I leave those on the side of the road for collection?
A: Please contact our collection service provider, Fero, at 506.773.3376 to make arrangements for pickup and disposal of any white goods such as a fridge, stove or freezer.
Q: Is there somewhere that a person can drop off waste during the week outside of the normal pickup times?
A: Outside of curb-side pick-up, surplus bags of garbage can also be dropped off at Fero’s compound at 108 Whalen St during regular business hours. These bags must be tagged with a sticker.
Q: What is the benefit of these changes to the way garbage is collected in the City of Miramichi?”
A: The City of Miramichi pays for the collection and disposal of waste by the weight of the waste. By limiting the amount of waste a resident is allowed to dispose of through the collection process, the City of Miramichi is able to control the cost of collecting and disposing of waste. Additional anticipated benefits are: (1) Help the City of Miramichi to reduce costs; (2) Help protect the environment for years to come; (3) Help to encourage recycling; (4) Help to reduce landfills; and (5) helps put all garbage where it belongs.
Questions? Visit to review By-Law 114, or contact 506.623-2020 to speak to one of our representatives!

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