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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we have received for our residents and business owners.  If you have a question that is not answered on this page, e-mail us at with the subject heading “Question”.

Resident Questions

Click Here for New Brunswick Forest Fire Watch, NEVER lite an outdoor fire when our region has a No Burn restriction.

Civic Numbers – How should I display my civic number?

Civic address numbers should be clearly visible from the roadway leading to the home or business so that emergency service providers can find the address quickly in an emergency.  Posted it in a high position with year-round visibility with colours that contrasts with the building, mailbox or signpost.  Use your mailbox only if it is on the same side of the road as your home.  If the number is located on a signpost or a building within 15 m (49 ft) from the roadway, it should be at least 65 mm (2.5 in) in height.  If the number is located on a building 15 metres or farther from the roadway, it should be not less than 100 millimetres (4 inches) in height. If the number is on a signpost, the post should be placed where the driveway meets the road.  Never attach a civic number to road signs, telephone or “hydro” poles. Ensure it contains clear numbers, not words or Roman numerals (e.g., 12, not XII or Twelve).

Firepits (Outdoor wood burning appliances) – What am I allowed to have for a firepit within city limits? 

Referencing City By-Law 78 – Individuals may use and operate an outdoor wood burning appliance upon their property, but it has to meet the following conditions and restrictions: must be constructed of metal or cement and must be approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  You can only burn dry seasoned firewood.  It can not be placed on a wood deck or other combustible platform or be used within 3 meters of any combustible materials, such as trees, houses, and decks. Always make sure to have a sufficient water source nearby to extinguish the fire. Monitor the New Brunswick Forest Fire Index and never lite an outdoor fire when our region has a No Burn restriction.

Fire Hydrants – How far do I need to park from a Fire Hydrant?

Referencing parking regulations from the Government of New Brunswick – You are not permitted park a vehicle within 5 metres (16 feet) from the point on a curb opposite a fire hydrant. There’s a good reason for this fire hydrant parking law,  Safety… Giving the fire hydrant ample room allows emergency crews to access the water in the event of a fire. The 5 metres allows enough room for firefighters to quickly identify the location of the hydrant, and maneuver the big stiff hose in the direction needed.  If your unattended vehicle is parked in front of that hydrant?  You could come back to a smashed window, a wet car, and a fine.

Sirens – How often are sirens used?

All our fire trucks are required to use their lights and sirens when responding to emergencies. However, the Miramichi Fire Department urges discretion in the use of sirens and air horns during late evening and early morning hours in respect of the public. If it is a safety concern when responding during those times, then sirens and air horns will be used.  We will turn off our emergency lights and sirens when approaching and while on a bridge.  When you are approached from either direction of an emergency vehicle giving an audible signal such as a siren and visual by flashing red lights, all vehicles must immediately drive to the right hand curb and must stop and remain stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed, unless otherwise directed a peace officer.



Business Owner Questions

Fire and Life Safety Inspection – Who do I contact for a building inspection? 

To arrange for a Fire and Life Safety Inspections you can call our main office at 506.623.2225 or email us at  Please allow for a few business days to schedule the inspection.  Note that cost may be applied if you require an urgent inspection or it is required to be performed after regular office hours later than 4pm or on weekends.

Fire Safety Plan – What is a Fire Safety Plan?

A Fire Safety Plan is a manual that contains vital information and safety procedures for each affected building and property for the purpose of public safety. The National Fire Code requires certain properties, based on building use or occupancy type, to create and maintain a Fire Safety Plan. If a property owner has received an order from us to create or update their Fire Safety Plan, they must have this plan available for inspection. Missing or inadequate Fire Safety Plans are subject to re-inspection. We have a Fire Safety Plan Guide Book available to assist you with developing a Fire Safety Plan for your business.

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