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Prevention & Education

Fire Prevention & Education

The Fire Prevention Division under the direction of the Deputy Fire Chief function is to deliver; Fire Prevention, Inspections & Code Enforcement and Investigate Fires within the City of Miramichi.

During February of 2018, the Miramichi Fire Department revamped our Fire Prevention, Inspection and Enforcement program with the new hire of a Deputy Fire Chief and appointment of two suppression personnel to the position of Fire Prevention Officer creating the Fire Prevention Division, supported by Fire Suppression personnel, the Fire Department Administrative Clerk and Fire Chief. The Division was tasked to prevent, inspect, enforce building codes and investigate fires.

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Fire Inspections & Code Enforcement

Fire Prevention Officers conduct inspections on all occupancies within the city of Miramichi with the exception of one- and two-family dwellings. The fire department conducts inspections in accordance with OFM Bulletin No. 2015-02 to ascertain the level of compliance to regulations, and to address noncompliance. Our main focus when performing these inspections is Life Safety. The goal of the inspections is to have safe buildings/occupancies and to provide risk reduction to building owners, employees, customers, tenants, visitors and first responders in the event of a fire or emergency in the building. These goals are achieved by seeking code compliance of the applicable fire codes. Click the here for more information about fire inspections and our inspection programs.


Fire Prevention Education & Awareness

Fire prevention is the primary purpose of the Miramichi Fire Department and our objective for our Fire Education Programs is to focus resources where they matter most, in high-risk areas of the city with crucial fire prevention messages.  The goal is to reduce fire risks within the city therefore reducing fire losses and increasing the level of fire and life safety for our residents.  This includes data analysis of structure fires, a smoke alarm installation campaign, and targeted educational outreach to high-risk populations. The Fire Department and Division also hosts an annual Hector Fournier / Firefighter Memorial Day to bring together fire service leaders from fire departments across the Miramichi Valley Firefighter association to honour fallen firefighters. The Fire Prevention Division has made progress with promoting fire safety in Miramichi, but there is always more work to be done.

Some of our Fire Prevention Campaigns include;

  • Providing resources to ensure that all residential structures have working smoke alarms.
  • Resources to conduct door-to-door public education programs, including offering home fire safety surveys.
  • Educate and promote what to do in the event of a fire. In particular, promote developing escape plans and practicing exit drills.
  • Provide information on how residential fire sprinklers can save your life.
  • Promote the “Close the Door!” campaign to educate the public on how closing a door can reduce fire growth and possibly save lives.
  • Use local media and other technology to reach high risk targets.

Social Media

Part of the Miramichi fire department’s larger communication strategy.   It is used to connect with local media outlets and most importantly, build relationships with our community.  The content is less around a real-life active scenario (unless for the sharing of important information). Typically, content or posts shared are PSAs and Information Sharing, Events and Initiatives, and  Training and Behind-the -Scenes. Click HERE to learn more about preventing fires in Miramichi.

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