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Criminal Record Checks

The Miramichi Police Force is advising citizens and employers that recent changes by the RCMP are increasing the time required to complete Criminal Record Checks, in particular Vulnerable Sector Screening Requests.

Applications for individuals who require this type of background check because they are involved or hope to be involved in the Vulnerable Sector (VS) such as teaching, coaching, day cares, senior’s homes, and disabled groups will experience delays as this type of background check is now scrutinized through a more rigorous screening process.

In addition to checking past and current criminal records, the Vulnerable Sector Check includes a search of the Pardoned Sex Offender Database.  All “potential matches” are required to submit fingerprints, which prolongs the screening process.

Enhancements to the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system, which broadened the scope for VS potential matches, were instituted on July 19, 2010, by the RCMP.  When performing a VS query, the CPIC system initially attempts to identify a possible match to a sexual offence for which a Pardon has been granted, based initially on the surname and given name of the individual.  If this query does not identify the possible existence of a record, the system now performs a subsequent query based on the sex and birth date of the individual. If this query locates similar biographical data in criminal files it may trigger the CPIC system to prompt for the submission of fingerprints to verify or refute the existence of pardoned sex offender records.

Individuals affected by this enhancement and who wish to continue with the screening process will be required to schedule an appointment to have the fingerprinting done. The fee for this is $25.00.  An RCMP Form 1 must be completed by the applicant at the time of fingerprinting and a certified cheque or money order must accompany the form.

Documentation and fingerprints will be forwarded to the RCMP by the Miramichi Police Force and the applicant will be notified when the results are returned.

It is important for the public to understand that under no circumstance does this notification confirm that the applicant is or is not a pardoned sex offender.  However, in almost all cases, this “possible match” is ruled out via fingerprints.

It is very important that agencies requiring individuals to submit Vulnerable Sector requests are aware of this change because these agencies will experience a similar increase and the delay will inevitably affect their operations.

Criminal Records Check Form
PDF fillable form

Criminal Records Check – Vulnerable Service Form
PDF fillable form

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