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Public Works

Public Works


The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, drainage, water, wastewater and solid waste collection.  The Department has a total of 38 full-time employees.

Waste Water collection and Treatment

There are three waste treatment plants, 6000 laterals,  32 lift stations, three lagoons, 200 km of sewer main, 2400 MH operated and maintained by Public Works with an annual budget of $1.3 million.

Maintenance and Operation: one full-time operator and two backup operators

Water Treatment and Distribution

There are 4500 service connections, 760 fire hydrants, 175 km water main, 19 wells, one water treatment plant, three water systems (Douglastown, Chatham, and Newcastle), 5 water towers operated and maintained by Public Works with an annual budget of $2.3 million. All accounts are metered.

Maintenance and Operation: two full-time water treatment operators,  one backup operator, four trained distribution operators

Waste Management

Managed by the City of Miramichi through a garbage by-law to control waste. There are pickups at 6,500 dwelling and apartments, garbage waste totals over 5,000 metric tons per year, and over 800 tons of recyclables are collected through a contracted service. The yearly budget is $1.5 million.


Public Works maintains 600 lanes of roadway,75 km of sidewalks, 105 km of storm sewer, 504 km of ditches, 85 buildings, winter plowing and sanding, summer patching and sweeping, signage, and ditching, street lighting, civic addressing, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance on 130 units with a yearly budget of $13.5 million.

Maintenance and Operations: winter maintenance with seven contracted zones and city forces, two vehicle mechanics, one building maintenance coordinator, two custodians, 30 machine operators.


Director Jay Shanahan
Manager of Water and Sewer John Fitzpatrick
Manager of Transportation Warren Silliker
Assistant Superintendent
Mike Lynch
Assistant Superintendent (North) Mathew Henderson
Secretary Annette LeGresley
Hour of Operation:  Monday to Friday
Winter    8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Summer 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Question or concerns: 506-623-2020
After Hours:  24 hour emergency , 7 days a week


94 General Manson Way (2nd Floor)
Miramichi, NB

Mailing address
City of Miramichi
Department of Public Works
141 Henry Street
Miramichi, NB E1V 2N5
Phone : + 1 (506) 623-2020
FAX : +1 (506)-623-2025

Email: Jay Shanahan

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